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2019 Conference Speakers

Dr. Mary Guerriero Austrom, PhD

Associate Dean of Diversity Affairs, IU School of Medicine

Topic: Understanding Aging

In this session, Dr. Austrom will describe cognitive changes as we age, what is normal and what is not. In addition, common behavioral and psychological challenges associated with dementia and AD will be discussed. 

Shane Booker

Director, Hamilton County Emergency Management

Topic: Safety in Adult Day

In his session on Safety in Adult Day, Shane will share information on the importance of emergency preparedness. He will discuss lessons learned from his response to the school shooting, high school explosion, and other incidents. Shane will focus on what vulnerable populations and caregivers can do to be ready for an emergency.

Marilyn Hartle, MSW, LCSW

LaDonna Jensen, RN

Co-Founders, Jentle Harts Consulting

Topic: Person Centered Care

Activities and recreation, in great part, define quality of life for persons in care settings. The challenge is keeping activities fresh, meaningful and purposeful for the ever changing persons in groups within care settings. This session will focus on the principles of person centered care needed to modify activities to accommodate varying interests, abilities and life histories of participants. Learn practical applications to immediately enhance programming and to involve the whole care team in person centered approaches to care.

Greg Maynard

Director of Fund Development, Carey Services

Topic: Leadership

Leadership is messy. It gets even messier when you don’t have the proper tools in your toolbox to have proper impact with all of your followers. In this session, we’ll talk about leadership styles and explore ways to effectively lead people with differing personality types.

Emily Tisdale

Founder & CEO, Recourse Resource

Topic: HR Through the Generations

When it comes to your management efforts, it’s more important than ever to communicate effectively with people from different generations. With Millennials, Baby Boomers, and everything in-between in the job market, your workforce is likely filled with people from an increasingly wide range of ages. Join us for an informative discussion where we’ll explore the unique ways each generation approaches the world, and how to adopt a management approach that resonates with each demographic.

Darcy Tower

Provider Relations Director, FSSA

Topic: Mental Health and Dementia

In this interactive discussion, we will explore topics spanning traumatic brain injury waiver updates, the provider rule, dementia care training and incident reporting trends. The Division of Aging (DOA) is committed to collaborating with providers to create and sustain home and community based services for aging and disabled individuals and truly believe in the philosophy ‘nothing about me without me’. This means that decisions directly affecting an individual should not be made without consulting the person. DOA is committed to promoting a culture where the relationship between the person who is receiving care and the person who is giving care, or providing the support or service, be treated with dignity and respect.

Melinda Winnie

Community Programs Coordinator, CICOA

Topic: How to be Dementia Friendly

The Dementia Friends Indiana initiative–an outreach of Dementia Friendly America–seeks to educate communities across the state about dementia, break down the stigma surrounding dementia, and implement practical changes that make life easier to navigate for those with dementia and for their loved ones.

Todd Wagoner

Geriatric Social Worker, Touchpoint Health Aging Transition Services

Topic: Teamwork

Teamwork is hard.  It requires people to come together to blend elements of trust, spotless communication, manage conflicts and overcome differences.  However, this doesn’t always go well for us and the teams we serve.  Much of this has to do with the “stuff” we manage in our own lives.  How we manage this stuff enables us to work well with our families, co-workers and cope well within ourselves.  The 12 Step Program for Alcoholics Anonymous has many applications including helping teams work well together when we take care of ourselves.  Learn more about these principles and how to become the best you.

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