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The Indiana Association of Adult Day Service advocates, promotes, and educates communities to enhance the well-being of all people.


IAADS is the voice of Indiana Adult Day Centers providing thought leadership, promoting innovation and enhancing awareness through community engagement, collaboration, and partnership.


IAADS community partners works with us to advance our mission and purpose. We believe in our community and work to advance awareness through our partners.


By joining IAADS you will help to support the efforts of the organization. Additionally, by standing together we can create a more powerful voice for our industry.


​IAADS has a five-fold purpose:

  1. To disseminate information concerning the provision of adult day services

  2. To foster cooperation with colleagues in same and allied fields

  3. To engage in activities that benefit our members and our industry

  4. To develop and facilitate maintenance of standards for adult day service facilities

  5. To conduct an ongoing educational campaign to inform consumers, service providers and policymakers of the existence of Adult Day Services as a viable option to institutional care


2024 Officers

Laura Altenbaumer - President, Active Day

Vicki Maynard - Vice President, SarahCare of Indianapolis

Schellie Clemons - Treasurer, Autumn Leaves of Eastgate

Leah Jones - Secretary, UIndy Center for Aging & Community

At-Large Members

Morgan Eberly - Active Day of Ft. Wayne

Gina Johnson - SarahCare of Indianapolis

Diana Keely - Stillwaters Adult Day Center

Danyal Lohana, Peggy's Place Adult Life Center

Susan Lowe - A Senior Retreat Adult Day Center

Jay Lugosch - Independent Adult Day

Bess Witcosky, - Joyful Journey Adult Day Center

Board Committees

Board Development

  • Schellie Clemons

  • Danyal Lohana

  • Jay Lugosch

  • Vicki Maynard

Member Education

  • Morgan Eberly

  • Gina Johnson

  • Bess Witcosky

Policy and Advocacy

  • Laura Altenbaumer

  • Leah Jones

  • Susan Lowe

Public Awareness

  • Morgan Eberly

  • Diana Keely

  • Danyal Lohana

  • Susan Lowe

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