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By joining IAADS you will help to support the efforts of the organization. Additionally, by standing together we can create a more powerful voice for our industry. 


As America’s population continues to age, the need for services that provide a healthy, safe, and socially engaging environment for older Americans and those with disabilities continues to increase. 


Providing such an environment allows older adults and those with disabilities to maintain their independence, improve their health, and reduce the stressful impact on caregivers.

The Indiana Association of Adult Day Services (IAADS) was founded to support organizations and individuals that provide engaging, safe, and cost-effective alternatives to nursing homes and in-home care.  IAADS serves a wide array of individuals including those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, individuals with limited mobility, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and senior citizens striving to lead active and engaging social lives.  There are hundreds pf adult day services centers in Indiana with new locations being added every year.


The need is powerful and our mission is compelling.   However, we need your help to meet the growing need for Centers, the demand for better research on how our Centers can have the greatest impact, and for the continued training and development of Adult Day Services professionals.  IAADS is committed to enable individuals, corporations, foundations, and those impacted by all facets of aging in America to help us reach our mission of a safe, nurturing and caring environment for all senior citizens, veterans, and their families.  Your tax deductible contribution will:

  • Help launch new Adult Day Services Centers in areas where the need is great and resources are limited;

  • Support ground-breaking research on the aging process and how adult day centers can be a more effective tool as we strive to provide a continuum of care for those who need it most; and

  • Enhance IAADS's ability to train and support professionals in Adult Day Services through professional development, development of proven standards, and other educational services vital to the success of the Adult Day Services profession.


You Can Make a Difference by Donating Now to IAADS.




All donors will be recognized on the IAADS website and in The Voice. You may also make a memorial donation in memory of a loved one, and we will acknowledge your gift to the family.

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