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Program Assistant Testing Information

What is a Certified Program Assistant?

A Certified Program Assistant is someone who is working in adult day services who has been educated in a variety of areas about the people they serve. The certification is based on passing a skills test and a written exam.


Who can be a Certified Program Assistant?
Anyone working in adult day services, regardless of educational background.


Where do I get the training?

Training is conducted virtually using the Program Assistant Training Guide, a web-based assessment, and virtual skills test.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Adult Day Services

  • Participants’ Rights

  • Role of Staff-Observation and Recording

  • The Aging Process

  • Therapeutic Activities

  • The Role of the Program Assistant in the Delivery of Service


Why train staff as Certified Program Assistants?
It gives standardized education to people who are working in adult day services and provides a holistic view of the people that we serve in our individual centers. Certification is also required for Level 2 & Level 3 Medicaid Waiver centers and of all of the certification options, Program Assistant Training is most affordable.


How do I complete testing?
The first step is to fill out an Application for Testing. Virtual testing is conducted by IAADS on an as needed basis when applications are submitted.


What is the cost of testing?
Non-IAADS Members pay $203 per person for Program Assistant Testing, while IAADS Members pay $103.

What is the cost for annual renewal?

Non-IAADS Members pay $50 per person for Program Assistant Renewal, while IAADS Members pay $25.

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