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The Indiana Association of Adult Day Services (IAADS) has answered the call from adult day providers and consumers alike seeking ways to better understand how to provide and receive quality care through the Quality Accreditation Standards (QAS).


In the state of Indiana, there are currently no state licensures or mandatory regulations that govern adult day center operations. However, both adult day providers and consumers alike are seeking ways to better understand how to provide and receive quality care in adult day centers


As more and more consumers consider adult day centers as an option for care, Hoosiers are eager for guidelines to help them with the selection process. Consumers can now be confident that choosing an accredited adult day center means their, or their loved one’s, care will be a step above the rest. Because the QAS is a completely voluntary program, consumers can be confident that these centers have taken additional steps to ensure quality care.


Accreditation is an ideal option for providers (centers) who strive to deliver quality care to their clients. Pursuing accreditation is completely voluntary and is best suited for Indiana adult day centers that want to affirm their commitment to excellence. By meeting rigorous standards of safety, quality, and care as set forth by the IAADS Quality Accreditation Standards, adult day providers can now obtain statewide accreditation.


What are Quality Accreditation Standards (QAS) and why do they exist?

Quality Accreditation Standards are specific, measurable benchmarks that adult day centers can meet to ensure that they are providing high-quality care to their clients.


Along with their clients and clients’ families, many leaders in the adult day industry have expressed concern about the lack of standards and guidelines for adult day centers in Indiana. Currently, regulations only come into practice for centers pursuing outside funding sources through Medicaid Waiver, the Veteran’s Administration, and the like.


The QAS exists to help ensure quality care for all clients, regardless of a center’s funding source. With the accreditation process, the Indiana adult day industry can continue to grow while maintaining high-quality, industry-wide standards.


Who currently oversees the quality of care in ADCs (adult day centers)?

Currently, there is no regulatory agency that is in charge of overseeing quality in adult day centers and there are no mandatory regulations by which ADCs must abide. This is precisely why the Indiana Association of Adult Day Services (IAADS) has decided to create the Quality Accreditation Standards.


On what are the Quality Accreditation Standards-based?

The Quality Accreditation Standards are based upon the Medicaid Waiver Standards & Guidelines and are infused with best practices for client care, staff training requirements, and business operations.


Is it mandatory for all adult day centers to become accredited?

No, accreditation is voluntary. Adult day centers that become accredited will benefit from the distinction among their clients, potential clients, and peers as a provider of high-quality adult day services.


What does accreditation mean for adult day centers?

Accreditation has several benefits for adult day centers. The aging population has an increasing range of choices and accredited centers offer an assurance of quality that nonaccredited centers will not. Also, those who pursue and attain accreditation will be among the first to do so in the history of Indiana. These pioneering, quality-focused centers will be at the forefront of our rapidly growing industry. Accredited centers will have a unique distinction among their peers for their dedication to quality and client-centered care.


What does accreditation mean to consumers?

Oftentimes, potential clients have never heard of adult day services and do not know how to determine if a center provides quality care. Accreditation allows Indiana consumers to have a “yardstick” from which to measure the quality of services.


What does accreditation mean to potential referral sources?

Voluntary, statewide accreditation standards elevate the adult day services industry as an even more viable part of the continuum of care. Like consumers, accreditation standards allow referral sources to have a “yardstick” from which to measure the quality of services.


Why should a client choose an accredited ADC over a non-accredited center?

Because accreditation is completely voluntary, accredited centers have demonstrated a commitment to providing high-quality care. Centers that pursue and attain accreditation have met rigorous standards of safety, quality, and care. Regardless of a center’s funding sources, clients and their families can rest assured that an accredited center has taken additional steps above and beyond what is required to operate a center in Indiana.


Will accreditation help me secure more long-term care insurance payments?

While each long-term care insurance plan is different, the ability to show proof of accreditation from a statewide program brings adult day centers one step closer to securing long-term care insurance as a more consistent funding source.


Will pursuing accreditation help me with my Medicaid Waiver application?

Yes, the QA standards are based upon the Medicaid Waiver Standards & Guidelines. Because the QAS correlates directly with Medicaid Waiver program levels, this creates a nearly seamless transition from statewide accreditation to meeting the Standards and Guidelines for Medicaid Waiver certification.


When will Quality Accreditation Standards take effect?

The Quality Accreditation Standards framework will be implemented for all new centers beginning in 2017. 3 v6Mar2017


What does it mean to have an “Accreditation Pending” status?

An “Accreditation Pending” status is available to centers that are in operation as of December 31, 2016, who wish to apply for accreditation. An Accreditation Pending status allows these centers a one-year grace period to become compliant with QA standards.


What are the benefits of being an Accreditation-Pending center?

Centers with an Accreditation Pending status have the ability to apply for accreditation at the lowest free structure available. Additionally, these centers will be among the first in the history of Indiana to pursue accreditation, marking them as pioneers in the adult day industry.

How do I get started?

If you are ready to proceed, send an email to and let us know! Once we have received your payment for the Accreditation Information Packet, you will receive the following:

  • Application for Accreditation

  • Survey Tool

When all supporting documentation along with the Application for Accreditation fee is submitted, the Peer Review Board will review the information and either request clarification (if needed) or schedule an onsite survey, during which time the Survey Tool will be used to evaluate compliance with the QAS.

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