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2018 Conference Agenda and Registration

Individual Registration

If you are interested in half-day pricing, please contact .


2017 Conference Recap

On behalf of the Indiana Association of Adult Day Services, we want to thank you for attending this year’s IAADS state-wide conference, Celebrating Diversity in Adult Day Services.


If you missed the conference, here are “mini-moments” from two speakers along with details about the 2018 Conference.

“Diversity is Complicated. Or is it?” Todd Wagoner, MSW, LSW

"I want people to understand that the work around diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency is not about political correctness or a better bottom line. Neither is it about compliance or protecting against a lawsuit. It’s not even about changing demographics. No, at its core this work is about caring about other people, treating them with dignity and respect because they are human beings who deserve such. It’s about standing up for justice in the face of injustice." — Robbins, Steve L., What If? Short Stories to Spark Diversity Dialogue (Kindle Locations 260-264). Quercus. Kindle Edition.

“More than Memory,” Ellie Rose, artist and gerontologist

“Stimulation and generic activities are our yesterdays. We can use the arts to improve our dementia care programs and focus on personal development instead of care. We must be better at describing the true benefits of our adult day centers and know our metrics. As a caregiver, I don’t pay for socialization; I pay for the benefits received from socialization. I don’t pay for dementia care; I pay for the effective interventions created every day, and for the respect and dignity given during the care. Adult day is one of the best solutions for families. Now, let’s stop the generic talk and start describing our measurable results."

In addition, William Staples, PT, DHSc, DPT, CGS, from the Krannert School of Physical Therapy discussed fall prevention; Caitlin Coffman, founder & CEO of, simplified marketing and social media, and Terri Gee and Amanda Gibson, behavior consultants from New Hope of Indiana, led a lively discussion on dealing with behaviors.

We’d like to give a special thank you to our sponsors: Harrison Terrace,, Caregiver Homes, Joy Health Services, University of Indianapolis, and Miller’s Senior Living Communities. We couldn’t do what we do without you.  

We’d also like to say thank you to our exhibitors: ResCare, St Anthony Village/Franciscan, Vitality to You and Kit Magazine. Thank you for your participation; each of you added education and fun to our day.

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