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Annual Membership
As a member of IAADS, your center will appreciate advocacy at the state level with those making legislative decisions affecting our industry. You will have full voting privileges and networking opportunities with other providers and experts. You will receive up-to-date information on industry trends and discounts at IAADS conferences and events. You will receive informative newsletters.
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$100* N/A
Start-up Resource Kit
This is a valuable tool for anyone desiring to start an adult day center. It includes a comprehensive list of organizations and associations, the Indiana FSSA Medicaid Waiver Standards and Guidelines, the Indiana Administrative Code and Veterans Handbook as they pertain to adult day services. There is a timeline of things-to-do before opening a center; a section about caregivers, materials and supplies needed and a couple of activity related magazines that are widely used in the industry.
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$75 + $10 s/h $150 + $10 s/h
Start-up Training Workshop
This is a one day small group training workshop with an experienced IAADS Board member designed to help you learn business basics for adult day services as you prepare to start your adult day service.  Agenda items include feasibility studies, business operations, staffing preparations, activities, policies and procedures, fundraising, community awareness and marketing.  If you are looking for someone to help guide and mentor you through opening your center, this is a must-attend training.
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$300 $600**

Program Assistants Testing
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$50 $100


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National Adult Day Services Association
The Generations Project
Indiana Association of Area Agencies on Aging
Administration on Aging
Today's Caregiver
Family Caregiver Alliance
State of Indiana
Alzheimer's Services of Northern Indiana
The Alzheimer's Association of Greater Indiana
Caregiver Stress
Senior Care Guide

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What are Adult Day Services?

Adult day services are community based group programs designed to meet the needs of adults with impairments through individual plans of care. These structured, comprehensive, non-residential programs provide a variety of health, social, recreational and therapeutic activities, supervision, support services, and in some cases, personal care.Find a Center