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In the state of Indiana, there are currently no state licensures or mandatory regulations that govern adult day center operations. However, both adult day providers and consumers alike are seeking ways to better understand how to provide and receive quality care in adult day centers.

The Indiana Association of Adult Day Services (IAADS) has answered that call with the development of the Quality Accreditation Standards (QAS).

For CONSUMERS: As more and more consumers consider adult day centers as an option for care, Hoosiers are eager for guidelines to help them with the selection process. Consumers can now be confident that choosing an accredited adult day center means their, or their loved one’s, care will be a step above the rest. Because the QAS is a completely voluntary program, consumers can be confident that these centers have taken additional steps to ensure quality care.

For PROVIDERS: Accreditation is an ideal option for providers (centers) who strive to deliver quality care to their clients. Pursuing accreditation is completely voluntary and is best suited for Indiana adult day centers that want to affirm their commitment to excellence. By meeting rigorous standards of safety, quality, and care as set forth by the IAADS Quality Accreditation Standards, adult day providers can now obtain statewide accreditation.

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